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We take care of financial, practical, and management tasks so you can focus on storytelling.

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Our mission is to develop the most impactful marketing solutions for creators. We are deeply passionate about our marketing strategies because each project and artist provides a new opportunity to challenge ourselves, learn, and grow. In the age of social media, leveraging its power is essential. Our goal is to build a vibrant community, amplify your voice, and expand your audience and exposure.

"If you want to make a good movie,

you’re in the right place."

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Crowdfunding 2.0

Our Crowdfunding System vs. Others

Our system is designed to help filmmakers secure funding while supporting investors. Unlike complicated and intimidating crowdfunding platforms, we take a focused approach to each project. As a filmmaker, imagine having a ready-to-go page that is fast and easy to set up. We build your page with visuals, a log line, a synopsis, and creator information, making it easy to plug in your project and start collecting funds from the early stages. Our platform is also commission-free (aside from bank charges), ensuring that all the money goes toward making the project.

We help you raise money so you can hire us as your producer to help you make your movie. This approach gives our investors confidence, knowing there is a professional team behind the project dedicated to bringing the best results to the screen. Additionally, we take care of fulfilling perks and promises, relieving filmmakers of this responsibility while providing excellent support to investors. This builds trust in our brand for consistently delivering.

Our goal is to create a community of filmmakers and investors that continues to grow and make movies together. We aim to establish lasting relationships with both filmmakers and investors, making investing in film easy and exciting.

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