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DIRECTOR: Mattew Kelly


PRODUCER: Emily Johnson


FUND RAISED SO FAR: $73'000 (CAN)  /  %35 funded

FILMING LOCATION: Ontario, Canada. 

CONFIRMED CAST: Marcus Patel, Sophia Rodriguez, Ethan Nguyen, Olivia Smith, Liam Brown, Ava Garcia, Noah Martinez, Isabella Jones, William Kim

LOGLINE: A glamorous city girl falls for a humble farmer, discovering peace and happiness in the simplicity of farm life, but their love is tested when her past comes calling, threatening to pull her back to her old life."


Emma, a glamorous city girl with a high-powered career and a luxurious lifestyle, finds herself unexpectedly inheriting a small farm in a remote countryside. Initially planning to sell it quickly, her plans are upended when she meets Jack, a humble and kind-hearted farmer who teaches her the ropes of rural life.

As Emma immerses herself in the simplicity of farming, caring for animals, and the beauty of nature, she begins to fall for Jack. Their contrasting worlds blend harmoniously, and Emma discovers a profound peace and happiness she never knew was possible.

However, just as Emma and Jack's relationship deepens, her past life resurfaces. Tempting job offers and persistent friends from the city try to lure her back to her glamorous lifestyle. Torn between two worlds, Emma must decide if she will return to her old life or embrace the newfound love and tranquillity she has found with Jack.

As challenges arise, Emma and Jack's bond is tested, revealing that true love can transcend any obstacle and that happiness is often found in the most unexpected places.


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