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“You don't have to know how to make a movie. If you truly love cinema with all your heart and with enough passion, you can't help but make a good movie"


What is a producer? We are the heart of a film or TV project for financial, practical, and creative matters. Often the first to get involved, successful producers can spot the creative opportunity and commercial viability of production and are the driving force for its on-time and on-budget completion.

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Iman Javadi, a BIPOC entertainment producer and the CEO of Good Movie Inc., traces his roots to Iran before settling in Canada in his twenties. His journey into the world of filmmaking began at the Vancouver Film School, where he honed his skills in producing. Starting as a Production Assistant post-graduation, Iman steadily ascended the ranks, assuming roles like ALM, LM, 3rd AD, 2nd AD, and, most recently, First AD.

With a career spanning back to 2012, Iman boasts a rich portfolio comprising over forty feature projects. His versatility shines through, having contributed to a spectrum of productions, from low-budget Indies to blockbuster collaborations with industry giants like Disney, Netflix, and HBO. In recognition of his expertise, Iman was welcomed into The Canadian Media Producers Association in 2020.

For Iman, effective organization and meticulous project management are the cornerstones of a successful endeavor. He relishes the dynamic challenges of Indie productions, where his problem-solving prowess comes to the fore, while simultaneously cherishing the precision demanded by large-scale ventures. As a dedicated and ambitious producer, Iman is committed to elevating cinematic experiences and empowering clients to realize their creative visions.

Iman Javadi


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