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Production services from script to screen

- Scripted projects, Feature film, MOW, TV Series, Short film and Music Video

- Commercial and Corporate videos

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Budget and Schedule your Project 

Production services from script to screen: 

- Producer

- Production Manager 

- Assistant Director


production company that provides TURNKEY service, with hands-on work experience and big dreams. 

Passion, experience, and ambition 

are the three keywords to describe the commitment and success of Good Movie in film production. We can assist you with recruiting, permits, scheduling, budgeting, shooting, insurance, contracts, TAX credit ... 


Leave the hassle to us so you can focus on the creative side. 

We promise to make the best version of your movie, let's talk. 
Member of Director Guild of Canada (DGC)  & Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA)

Video Production And Distribution

What is it you want to make? Feature Film, TV serious, Short film, music video, commercial, digital content for your social media page ... what ever it is, you are in the right place, making movie is our thing.

With a right crew and right plan everything is possible.  

Good Movie is proud to be a fundamentally independent, modern, and passionate company capable, we proved with the right crew and right plan we can make outstanding product. 

So you got the money, now what? whats your costs going to be? How to find the best crew for your project? insurance, fringes, TAX returns ... experienced and skilled line producer or Project manager at your service. 


​Develop your content into a unique and powerful message that stands out and inspires your audience. 

You are in the right place. Making Movies is our thing!