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Line Producer / Project Manager

LP or PM for the projects that getting ready for prep or shoot.

  • 1 hour

What This Service Is About:

This service is for funded projects that are simply looking to hire a line producer or Project Manager for their projects. If you are interested please book an appointment here, thanks. I will provide you with the most organized, smooth production that allows you to focus on the creative side. With years of experience working on a set of union and non-union projects, I have excellent knowledge of laws, regulations, permits and resources. *** I will deliver the complete project within the budget and schedule. *** Responsibilities include; • Location Manager, scout, contracts, negotiations and city permit initiation. • Access to many great locations and hidden gems. • Full recruiting, with access to the talented crew in all departments with a proven record. • Equipment Rentals with discounted price. • Cast and Crew Deal Memos and Contracts, all the paper works done organized and adequately. • Scheduling and Budgeting. • Tax return and other government intensives.

Cancellation Policy

We are happy to re-schedule or cancel your appointment if necessary, however, in order to accommodate our other clients, we require 2 full business days’ notice. For new clients, if we receive less than 48 hours’ notice of a cancellation or rescheduling, the $50 consultation fee will be forfeited. Re-scheduling an appointment will then cost an additional $50.

Contact Details

  • 928 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

    ‭+1 (604) 401-6263‬

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